Discover Where the Stars Come Out to Play

While most visitors see the setting sun as the end of their day in the park, those who depart before dark miss out on an incredible show: the starry night skies of Zion. Stick around after dark and see the night sky in a way you never have before.

Zion National Park Lodge is responsible for protecting park resources, including the night sky. Light pollution—excessive and unnecessary artificial light at night—would diminish the views of the stars and impair the habitat of nocturnal wildlife.

To solve this problem, staff re-designed the lighting layout, reducing the number of lights. Additionally, light fixtures were modified to prevent light pollution—the lamps are now fully shielded, allowing no light to shine up into the sky. By aiming the light where it is needed, the brightness of each light could be reduced, saving on energy use. The lights have “warm white” LED lamps, which are easier on the eyes and better for wildlife. These dark sky-friendly lighting features enabled the lodge to balance convenience and safety of visitors with preservation of natural resources.

Outdoor lighting at Zion Lodge is minimal, and most areas are dark at night. If you think you may be outdoors on the grounds after sunset—make sure to bring a light, and enjoy the view of the sky above!

For more information on how we’ve partnered with the National Park Service to safeguard our night skies, visit their website here.