Our Softer Footprint – Green Housekeeping Program

This program supports Xanterra’s Our Softer Footprint goals while providing you with a tangible way to reduce the environmental impacts resulting from your stay.

To take part in Our Softer Footprint – Green Housekeeping Program, you would be opting out of regular housekeeping services including all room cleaning, linen and terry changes, and automatic coffee and bathroom amenity replenishment.

If you need any replenishment of these amenities, we will happily accommodate them at the front desk or by a delivery from a porter or housekeeper.

Additionally, rooms with longer occupancy stays will be serviced after the third night of stay.

By participating, we expect to see the following environmental benefits.

Resource Reduction

Per Room Night

Zion Annual Totals

Water (gallons) 5.98 42,856
Electricity (kWh) 2.56 18,346
Propane (gallons) 0.33 2,365
Chemical (gallons) 0.005 36

If you would like to participate or have any questions, please call or stop by the front desk. We appreciate your environmental awareness and supportive attitude towards Our Softer Footprint!