To reduce traffic, and improve the overall park experience

The Shuttle is available to guests from March 12 to November 13, November 19-20 and 24-25, 2016, during the winter months, guests are may drive their own cars through the Canyon for Self-Guided Winter Driving Tours.

The National Park Service has implemented a shuttle transportation system that began in 2000. Please note that this shuttle departs only from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center. All visitors, except those staying at Zion Lodge, will use the shuttles to access Zion Canyon. Travel on the scenic six-mile Zion Canyon Scenic drive will be limited to motorcoaches and mini buses, with contracted services, visiting Zion Lodge, private vehicles of lodge guests, pedestrians, bicyclists and the shuttles. Visitors will still have the option of biking or hiking along the canyon’s scenic drive. At the same time, travel in Zion Canyon above the Zion Lodge will be restricted, April through October, to only pedestrians, bicyclists and shuttles. The remainder of the year, all roads in the park will be open to all vehicles. The east side of the park will remain accessible by private vehicle. Parking will be available throughout Springdale and inside the south park entrance. It will be possible to leave your vehicle in town and ride the shuttle to the Zion Canyon Visitor Center or park right at the visitor center. The visitor center will be the start of the Zion Canyon loop into the park. Shuttles will depart each location often throughout the day. You may get on and off the shuttle as many times as you wish. Riding the shuttle on both loops is free. The cost of the shuttle system is included in the park entrance fee. The main park road connecting State Route 9 at the park’s entrances will continue to be open year-round, providing access to the park from both Interstate 15 and U.S. 89. Private vehicles parked inside the park without valid permits will be ticketed by the National Park Service.

Lodge Guests

Lodge guests with confirmed reservations will receive a parking permit in the mail with their confirmation and may proceed to the Lodge. Upon checking in, guests must have their parking permits validated with a checkout date by the front desk clerk. They must then display the permit on their dashboards. Lodge guests who have not received written confirmation may pick up their permits at the Visitor Center or at the fee station at the entrances to the park. These guests will then proceed to the Lodge to check-in and have their permits validated. Private vehicles parked inside the park without valid permits will be ticketed by the National Park Service.

Zion National Park Shuttle Route

One loop will include nine stops in Zion Canyon, and a second will include six stops in the town of Springdale. The estimated length of time for the shuttle loop through the park is 90 minutes and 8.6 miles one way. Starting Sunday, September 25, 2016 the mandatory park shuttles will cut back their schedule times. Full time service will end on Sunday, November 13, with two special full time run dates of November 19 and November 20. There will also be special shuttles run during the Thanksgiving holiday (11/24-11/26).

With the new fall schedule, the shuttles will start running from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center at 7:00 a.m. The last bus will leave the Temple of Sinawava at 6:45 p.m. In the Springdale portion of the system, the first shuttle will leave from the Majestic View Lodge at 8:10 a.m. and the last shuttle will leave from the Zion Canyon Theatre at 7:30 p.m or from Majestic View Lodge at 7:45 p.m. Shuttle service frequency should be less than 10 minutes. Round trips from the Zion Canyon Visitor Center to the Temple of Sinawava will take about 80 minutes. There is no charge for riding the shuttle buses. There are eight stops along the route and visitors may get on and off as many times as they want. Buses are fully accessible and pets are not allowed.

For more information on the Zion Park shuttle service, visit Buses may pick up and drop off their riders at the shuttle stop next to Zion Lodge. Xanterra has also added 10 parking spaces for tour buses in the south parking area. Private vehicles parked inside the park without valid permits will be ticketed by the National Park Service.

Zion National Park Fees

Please view the National Park Service website for the most current fee information.